Double Layer Name Sign - Two Layer Name Sign - Personalized Wood and Acrylic Name Sign - 2 Layer Name Sign
Double Layer Name Sign - Two Layer Name Sign - Personalized Wood and Acrylic Name Sign - 2 Layer Name Sign
Double Layer Name Sign - Two Layer Name Sign - Personalized Wood and Acrylic Name Sign - 2 Layer Name Sign
Double Layer Name Sign - Two Layer Name Sign - Personalized Wood and Acrylic Name Sign - 2 Layer Name Sign

Double Layer Name Sign - Two Layer Name Sign - Personalized Wood and Acrylic Name Sign - 2 Layer Name Sign

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Acrylic Name Sign | Nursery Name Sign | Personalized Name Sign | Custom Name | Mirror Name | Choice of Fonts



• See a Live Preview at -

• 1/4" thick Birch plywood and Premium Cast Acrylic

• Proudly Handmade in the USA by a family owned small business

• Laser cut letters are perfectly cut with smooth edges

• Double Layer Wood Acrylic signs can be displayed in many different ways. They are great for stands, shelves, tables, walls, nurseries, above your bed and almost everywhere else. 


Just copy and paste the URL below to your browser address bar:

You will be able to type in your name and see an example of what it looks like in ALL 35 of our fonts.

The font preview provided is intended for demonstration purposes only. In some cases depending on the font, size and combination of letters we may have to modify the final product.

You select the color for the back layer and you select the color for your name!
Example Photo of Alexa is:
• 24" wide
• Natural Birch Wood
• Mirrored Rose Gold Name

Back Layer Wood Options:
1/4" Natural Birch Wood
1/4" Stained Birch Wood (light pink stain, white stain, weathered grey stain, black stain, and dark walnut stain)

Name Colors:
White Acrylic
Black Acrylic
Clear Acrylic
Frosted Acrylic
Mirrored Gold
Mirrored Silver
Mirrored Rose Gold
Mirrored Pink
Mirrored Purple
Glitter Red
Glitter Green
Glitter Rose Gold
Glitter Crystal Clear
Glitter Black
Glitter Blue
Glitter Pink
Glitter Silver
Glitter Gold

Our Double Layer Wood and Acrylic Name Signs are PERFECT for children’s names to display in their bedroom, nursery, or playroom. Double Layer Wood and Acrylic signs can also be a great addition to other rooms to use with a name, phrase, quote or even in your business as a business logo.

• • • MATERIAL • • •

Our Double Layer Wood and Acrylic Name Signs are made of environmentally friendly, 1/4" thick Birch plywood and premium cast acrylic.

Acrylic has brilliant shades of color with a shiny mirror finish or glitter finish

Please note that acrylic and wood are sold as an approximate thickness. Actual thickness of the product may vary slightly from what is stated but the acrylic is approximately 1/8 of an inch thick and the wood is approximately 1/4 of an inch thick.

Our Double Layer Wood and Acrylic Name Signs will come laser cut with perfectly smooth edges and precise transitions so they are ready to display immediately out of the box.

• • • SIZE • • •

You will be able to select the size (width only) that you would like for your name sign.

The size that you are choosing will be the WIDTH of the name only rounded to the nearest inch. The height will be determined by a combination of the width, font, and specific letters in your name. Due to these factors, if you order two different names they may be a different height. If you intend on ordering multiple items and would like each one to be made proportionate to one another please send a note to seller and we will be happy to design them this way.

The more letters that you type for the name, it may make the height go down. A sign with 4 letters like the name “Mary“ may be a lot taller than a sign with 8 letters like “Margaret”, in the same exact width. Please see the size comparison chart in our listing for some examples. 30" - 48" wide is recommended for longer words or names such as phrases or double names to make sure the letters are not crunched together.

* 12" wide size has a MAXIMUM 10 characters / 1 word.


Your sign will be produced exactly as you typed. We will copy and paste exactly what you typed except some fonts such as script (cursive) fonts can not be made with all Upper Case (ALL CAPS). Please message me if you would like an all Upper Case (ALL CAPS) cursive font before ordering so I can let you know if that is possible. If you select a cursive font and type in Upper Case (ALL CAPS), we will fulfill the order with only the first letter Capitalized.

*Some fonts may require adding small connecting pieces for some letters that don't show up in the font preview.

• • • CUSTOM ORDERS• • •

We are happy to make custom designs for you. If you would like a different font, size, design etc please send me a message and I will be happy to help create exactly what you'd like! Dreams do come true!


Our production time is 1-3 business days. Our signs are handmade in and ship directly from Florida.

• • • HANGING • • •

Our Double Layer Wood and Acrylic Name Signs can be displayed laying down on a flat surface, or you can mount it with supporting nails, adhesive strips, string etc. Please feel free to contact us for suggestions on different hanging options. We'd be happy to explain your options and talk you through this.

Acrylic is fragile like glass. When you receive your package, it needs to opened carefully so you do not break your acrylic name sign. Lay the package on your counter, cut the tape, unfold the box and very carefully unwrap your name sign from the inside packaging.
If the box is ripped open or the tape is ripped off you could break your sign. We cannot be responsible for damage if your acrylic name sign is not opened carefully as described. If box is ripped or tape is removed instead of cut, I cannot be responsible for damage.

• • • DAMAGE • • •

We do our absolute best to protect your name sign but unfortunately, sometimes damage during transit can occur. If your sign arrives damaged, please make sure it is reported within 24 hrs of delivery and DO NOT remove it from the packaging. By removing your acrylic sign from the packaging, you are acknowleding no damage is present when you received it. We will work with you to get a claim filed and have your order replaced. We can not accept responsibility for damaged signs if they are not reported within this time or the package is not opened as described above.

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to work with you!